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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Upside of the Downturn in the Economy

The recession has hit us all in one way or another. If you or your spouse hasn't been downsized, laid off or had hours reduced, you probably know someone who has. We are all watching our spending these days and many of us are finding ourselves wondering where to find financial security.

Kalax Creations, LLC is presenting an inspirational series entitled The Upside of the Downturn in the Economy where we will cover a variety of topics ranging from exploring your true skillsets to what to do with more time at home. Please feel free to join in the discussion and share your experiences and comments with us.

Check back during the next week as we launch the series. I hope it is helpful to you all.

Warm Regards,

Jillian Kaplan
Owner, Kalax Creations, LLC

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kitchen Table Entrepreneurs will Revive the Economy

The attention to our recent publicity in the Burlington Free Press is demonstrating what I've always known! It is the small businesses of America that will restore the balance in the economy. More importantly, those of us running at home businesses while raising our offspring are making substantial contributions to society. Kitchen table entrepreneurs are able to keep it real since we only have precious moments to conduct a sales call before someone calls for a juice box! No time for idle chit-chat or smooth sales ploys, we get right to the point.

We momtrepreneurs are passionate about everything we do.
Volunteer to be room parent? CHECK
Host the potluck at your house? CHECK
Drive 6 kids to a field trip, even though it involves 2 trips to and from the destination? CHECK
Help with homework? CHECK
Host 2 kids' playdates while the third child cries? CHECK
Run a business while stirring sauce and signing permission slips? CHECK
Create a new product while driving your minivan? CHECK

Though the traditional corporate world thought we were nuts and had no respect for our business model, kitchen table entrepreneurs are successful.
And we're successful in more than the monetary value of our businesses. We get to spend time nurturing and raising wonderful human beings! Who can put a price tag on that?

Kalax Creations is passionate about giving back to the community. We donate our Hand Painted Lap Desks to the Vermont Children's Hospital. We are trying to make hospital stays and procedures easier for our smallest citizens one Kalax Creation at a time.
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting it all Done

Ahhhh, the holidays. Music and singing and cookies and treats. But wait...not for you! You're the mom/chauffer/maid/cook/shopper/wrapper/entertainer How can any one person be expected to get all of this done in a mere 25 days? We've come to expect this of ourselves and feel guilty if it's not all done perfectly. December is the most stressful of all months for us caretakers.

This holiday season, I've made a promise to myself to cut the load in half. Who cares if you miss an event? What are the consequences for not having a clutter-free home? How about if you don't host the annual party this year?

I've spent too many holiday seasons feeling ill and exhausted from all of the holiday chores. Blissful had been replaced with crabby! This year, I'm concerning myself with my peace of mind and ability to enjoy the company of my family and friends. None of the other stuff really matters. They're just extraneous activities meant to make your holiday season more enjoyable. How to decide whether to attend an event? If you're slogging through the event, it's not enjoyable. It's that simple! If the event doesn't bring you joy, skip it.

Now, I've got to order my holiday cards!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Back to the Community

Today was my proudest moment as owner of Kalax Creations, LLC. My 3 kids were honored for making several donations of lap desks to the Vermont Children's Hospital. We have had the experience of extended stays at the Children's Hospital and saw a need for children to have a place to play, create, eat and even read.

The lap desks are durable, sturdy and easily sanitized between uses or patients. The kids love them as they provide a cheery workspace, and store all their stuff.

I am thrilled to be a contributing part of the Vermont Children's Hopsital and hope that our Kalax Creations brings a bit of joy into the days of those staying at the hospital.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Moving Mess

We have just moved our home to Williston, VT. It was a local move from Burlington, so we thought we'd save money and "do it ourselves!" Well, with 3 kids, a husband and a ton of junk we no longer need, and probably never did in the first place, we loaded up the moving truck donated by our realtor and drove the 20 minutes to our new home. The place was gorgeous, uncluttered and completely free of junk! But it echoed because it was so empty. It needed to become a home...complete with all of our stuff!

Well, it turns out that we have accumulated a lot more stuff than one may think possible. I started throwing out, donating and selling on Craig's List. By the way, Craig's List is the easiest, fastest way to earn money for items you no longer have a use for. There are no fees involved and you should always deal with local customers and in person transactions to avoid scams. Even after months of that effort, we still had boxes and boxes of stuff. We even had to rent a storage unit to store all of the stuff.

When we finally became owners of our new home, the first thing my husband did was plunk box after box in the middle of the hallway! YIKES! I scurried about trying to organize the avalanche of boxes pouring through the door. However, we had too much stuff! The kids followed suit by dumping the entire contents of their boxes onto their bedroom floors!! Hand Painted ceramic piggy banks lay under a pile of books...somehow unscathed! A lone sock was mixed up with school supplies. Sheet sets were incomplete, outfits mismatched, shoes lost forever!

I took a long, deep sigh and began the task of creating order out of chaos. I grabbed buckets, boxes, bins and totes to sort clothing, coloring materials, breakables, jewelry and books. I hung most of the clothing in the closet and folded the rest for drawers. I put jewelry in jewelry boxes high on dressers. Breakables were also stored in view, but out of reach. Finally, books were shelved except for those currently being read. Those were kept in a Hand Painted Tote Bag by each child's bed for easy access to favorite books. Coloring materials were stored in each child's Hand Painted Lap Desk. The lap desks were stored under the bed or in the closet to be used for study or coloring time.

Please let me know of any suggestions you have to sort out or locate items after a move!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Kalax Creations Product

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new product, the Kalax Creations Tote Bag! Durable and lightweight, the tote serves as a place to throw all my miscellaneous junk! It can be used as a magazine holder, book holder, or place to store essential. However, I use it to store the toys strewn about the living room! My youngest child, Jocelyn, puts her babies in there for easy in and out of the car. She must take her babies everywhere with her and the tote bag allows me to carry only one thing and not several dolls, their bottles and toys.
My daughter Kaitlyn uses her tote bag to store her library books. The books stay in one place and are easily located when it's time to return them. Alex uses his tote bag to store his DS charges, music and other random stuff. Please share your uses with me.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Giving Back to the Community

Two out of my three children have been hospitalized since January. My 2 year old spent two days at FAHC Children's Speciality Center and my 11 year old spent 4 days on and off in the children's hospital. Both times we were there, I noticed there weren't many places to balance books, papers and activities while lying in bed. I brought Kalax Creations decorated lap desks from home to help the kids play from bed. The attached side pockets stored all supplies and the top provided a flat surface to play or write on. Items stayed put because of the plastic lip around the edge of the lap desk. The best part was, the lap desk fit comfortably over their bodies in bed!

After my kids were released from the hospital, I thought of all those kids who weren't so fortunate and who spent many hours & days in bed. I decided to donate Kalax Creations lap desks and tote bags to the hospital for patients' use. The hospital was grateful for the donation and a need was met!

My kids helped with the donation and even chose which designs to paint. It's important to me that they learn about giving back to the community and making things just a little bit better for others.